Cambodia zoo

The theme of the work of the zoo in many places. Acrylic will be used. To increase the closeness between visitors and the animals in the area. Which looks as simple as a normal job. But nonetheless, it’s packed with a lot of in-depth design behind it. 

The Cambodia zoo project is a theme of zoo work provided by Aqua Xs for employers. The main part is the work of acrylic panel installed in the land animal exhibition area. 

In this application of work, there will be a side opposite the audience called “exhibit side”. The basic installation is the same as the installation of the typical 4 sides support aquarium, but with the difference that the acrylic does not have water pressure. This makes it possible for edge mounting meterials to be damaged by the impact of a living creature and can become a problem later. In oeder to avoid problems in this case, Aqua Xs has designed and installed a mounting bracket. Which the work we call FRP bracket is installed along the edge of the acrylic on the exhibit side to support the impact and hold the panel to prevent falling down. 


Cambodia zoo,Cambodia

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