Nong Khai Aquarium – The biggest aquarium in north east Thailand, Nong Khai aquarium

The latest project to renovate the interior of the large fish tank, which consists of a tunnel divided into 2 sections. Totaling 20 meters long divided into 2 sections. Each section 10 meters long including of 2 tunnels, 5 meters long and 2.4 meters wide. Placed on a ramp. And the passageway from both tunnels before reaching the ground floor will have flat acrylic panels installed on both sides of the way down around the naga rock. 

In the lower floor is the highlight with the big fish tank. Which is installed with acrylic panel, 3.8 meters wide, 5.2 meters high and 9 inches in thickness. A new installation instead of the former. Due to the problem of having a bond line in the middle of the panel and making it easy for visitors to see this bond line. So Aqua Xs offers a solution with a signature bond line that allows this connection to be avoided from the viewer’s eyes. And does not obscure the animals and the esthetic of the artificial rocks in this tank. To show the two Nagas that are installed in the middle of the tank. 

In addition to acrylic work. We are also a coordinator in rock work and decoration by maintaining the original concept of the owner about the naga. Which is a legend that has been with Nong Khai province for a long time. 

Nong Khai aquarium, or another name is Sirindhorn aquarium, is the largest aquarium in the north east Thailand. Organized to demonstrate beliefs about naga and local aquatic animals along the Mekong river. 


Nong Khai Aquarium,Thailand

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