Bang Saen Aquarium

Aquarium is the most common and most visible form of acrylic work. And this is one of the works of Aqua Xs and Niche design. 

Burapha University Institute of Marine Sciences is an aquarium built to showcase marine life.

The project that Aqua Xs and Nich design have been involved is in the jellyfish tanks area, which is considered one of the highlights of this aquarium.

5 acrylic panels were installed. Divided into 3 large panels, 2 meters high and 3 meters wide. Arranged in a row. And 2 tanks next to the 3 large panels. Every panels will be exhibited jellyfish. And a light shines on them causing a reflection like a jellyfish glow.

And the projector is projected in the center of the cabinet that has a circular screen for projecting the projector on top. Which makes this point to be considerd as one of the important highlights here. 


Bang Saen Aquarium,Thailand

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