Khao Kheow Safari, the biggest Elephant’s pool in Thailand 

This is a project that arises from the need to showcase the abilities of the national animal of Thailand, the elephant.

And can see all the noble lines of the elephants when playing in the water in a closed pool area which has acrylic installation on the visitor side This installation work consists of 6 acrylic panels, divided into large panels, 5 meters in length, 2 meters in height, 3 panels are installed next to each other as the front of the exhibition area. and 3 small side panels. 

In the engineering part In addition to having to calculate the pressure from the water It is also necessary to calculate the force of life that is likely to act on the acrylic panel in many important cases. Whether it is the force of water waves caused by large creatures. or the impact of a large creature Both in pressure (impulse) and impact (impact), which is the source of the need for panels with up to 4 inches. 


Khao Kheow Safari,Thailand

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