The Resort Villa, Rayong

Swimming pool is a popular form of work that often uses acrylic to add esthetic and playfulness. To attract users in terms of atmosphere and scenery. One of Aqua Xs works is the Resort villa, Rayong project. 

This project is a joint design to increase the interest by using acrylic in various swimming pool applications such as flat horizontal in the middle of the pool on the 2nd floor below is a wide hall for relaxing. This allows users to look up and see the water in the pool from below. In addition, the outer edge of the pool is installed with acrylic instead of the wall. Adding luxury and appealing to the next level. 

In addition, acrylic curve panel is also installed in infinity pool edge. Also known as overflow pool, which is a popular form of pool that uses acrylic to help make the pool have a water effect over the edge of the acrylic panel. 

By all forms of work, besides the appealing. Safety must also be considered in terms of engineering and practical use as well. In engineering, calculation of the strength of the acrylic panel requires additional force on the part of the user. In various cases such as force from leaning, gripping, stepping on or pushing.

The difficulty is the need to study information and the possibility of use in extreme cases. Which requires cooperation between owner, swimming pool specialist and our team. 


The Resort Villa, Rayong, Thailand

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