Swimming Pool, Indonesia

The swimming pool Indonesia project. Owner requires acrylic panel to be used as the pool’s floor, where the user can look down through the living room. Overall size of the acrylic pool floor is approximately 5.3 meters, 10.8 meters long, divided into 4 acrylic panels equally. With 5.9 inches thick. Caused by engineering calculations that take the pressure from the height of the water and the force from the user standing in the pool. Which is extremely important in this type of work. To avoid excessive deflection that affects to the structure of the pool.

The design challenges in this project is also difficult to install. Due to the size and thickness of the acrylic panels are very heavy. In addition, the installation area is residential. The transportation and conveying of acrylic panels from the floor to the installation area will be very difficult when compare with the project that is installed in the simple job site. So Aqua Xs must use the experience of all members in team to coordinate and control the work to minimize the risk with the panels, location and team.

A common problem with all flat horizontal projects is the leakage at the silicone caused by stepping or stumble from users. Aqua Xs has seem this problem. And has been prevented by using a protective material along the silicone edges. To stick to the same level as the tile. This is a solution from the experienced team of Aqua Xs.


Swimming Pool, Indonesia

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