Maldives Under Water Restaurant

Underwater restaurant under the sea atmosphere. Concept design is the dining room overlooking the sea. Which can be seen around the room and in the center of the dining room are acrylic windows made up of 22 panels by Aqua Xs. 3 meters wide and 1.8 meters high. With 4 inches in thickness.

All installations must be completed from the shore of a large shipyard. And requires a high level of expertise of the installation team. Because with the format of this project is an open sea project, which can not be pumped out the water to fix the work later. So Aqua Xs has recognized the problem of algae at the sealant which could cause leakage in that area. Therefore, the copper oxide sheet was installed with the cosmetic seal. They will reduce the occurrence of algae down. This will protect the sealant primary seal from being damage.

The importance of viewing acrylic panels underwater is another key highlight of the installation work in this project. It is the polishing of acrylic panels under water. Specialists team who have been trained in diving and have a license to work underwater must be able to work. This is considered as one of the services of Aqua Xs as well.


Nong Khai Aquarium,Thailand

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