With more than 20 years of acrylic experience, Aqua X provides customer with services. Covering from fabrication, engineering, installation and also maintenance. To complete the most esthetic work for the swimming pools, aquarium and also architecture.

1. Fabrication

2. Engineering

3. Installation

4. Maintenance

Life support system

Aqua Xs provides turn key project with international aquarium system design experience from conceptual theming to project commissioning. Our aquarium design services are:

1. Aquarium design

2. Decorative work

3. Engineering service

Composite Material

Aqua X provides total composite material solutions from scratch to mass production with the most experience and wide range of technologies:
With extensive 25+ years experience in the composite industry and excellent supplier relationships, CAC has developed an effective network with reliable partners and suppliers.

1. Reverse Engineering & Prototyping

2. Moulding

3. Plastic injection

4. Serial production

5. Finishing processes